A freeware Amstrad CPC emulator




8th June 2004
CPC-em version 0.4 released
Changes :
  • CPC6128 emulation.
  • Improved FDC, CRTC, 8255 and sound.
  • Improved timing.
Only DOS and source are available at the moment.
22nd January 2004
CPC-em version 0.3 released
Changes :
  • New Z80 emulation.
  • New video emulation, allowing several effects such as mid screen palette/mode changes, overscan, and rupture.
  • Disc emulation.
  • Sound emulation.
  • New GUI.
  • Windows port.
Also website is now blue.

9th June 2001
CPC-em version 0.2 released
New features :
  • New user interface
  • SVGA mode
  • Joystick emulation
I still need some help with emulating the FDC, if you can help then please email me.

23rd June 2001
I need some help with emulating the FDC. I've looked through all the docs on Kevin Thacker's site, and I can't think of where to start at all. If you can help me, just e-mail me. Once there is some FDC emulation, I'll release version 0.2 (which at the moment has an SVGA mode and a GUI).

22nd May 2001
CPC-em version 0.1 released
Features :

  • Emulates CPC 464
  • All video modes and keyboard emulated
  • Loads raw AMSDOS files
  • Source code available